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Created by developers, Sugarcoat was founded to solve the issues which stifle the eCommerce industry such as high costs, lack of flexibility and a lack of innovation.

Harness our tools and take back the power for your next project.

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Our industry leading API gives you the tools and flexibility to build your own solutions and automated workflows.

Developer Tools

Utilise our extensive toolkit of SDK libraries and useful integration features to bring your project to life.


Have complete control over the hosting of your store and get your business online in minutes.


The fastest way to get your store online, through our in-house Content Management System and templating solution.


With level 1 PCI compliance, safely and securely take payments from anywhere in the world in over 135 different currencies.

Product Feeds

Always ensure your products remain up to date with our industry leading automated Product Feeds solution or work with us to integrate your own feeds.

Sugarcoat Technology

Sugarcoat prides itself on being built with performance and reliability in mind, ensuring you always have the best product and best service on the market.

Take Back Control

We provide you with the tools so that you always remain in control. From the design, implementation and hosting, you have full ownership and flexibility over your content.

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Image: Take Back Control
Image: Take Back Control

Tools of the Titans

Utilise our extensive toolkit of SDKs to bring your project to life (JS, PHP, Python)

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Dream Big, Build Better

Our powerful API allows for seamless integration and to create bespoke solutions for those who dream big.

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Image: Dream Big, Build Better
Image: Dream Big, Build Better

Developer Accounts

Set up a developer account for free, complete with test payments to experience Sugarcoat first hand.

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Behind the scenes

Flexible hosting

Choose to self-host or host through Sugarcoat for ultimate flexibility.

Open API

Integrate Sugarcoat directly with the Sugarcoat API, providing the highest level of flexibility and control.

Cloud hosted

All services are hosted in the cloud, providing immediate access, from anywhere.

Flexible emails

Trigger customisable emails from a number of automated workflows, providing as much automation and flexibility as possible.

Secure payments

All payments are handled over TLS, ensuring the highest level of security.

Compliant payments

All payments backed by a Level 1 PCI compliance, the highest level of compliance for payment handling.

135+ currencies

Handle payments in over 135 different currencies.

Flexible payment methods

Configurable store payment methods for enhanced customer payment options.

Payment sandbox mode

Test payment integrations at any time through sandbox testing environments without using real payment information.

Javascript SDK

Integrate Sugarcoat into JavaScript applications seamlessly with the easy to use JavaScript SDK.


Integrate Sugarcoat into PHP applications seamlessly with the easy to use PHP SDK.

Python SDK

Integrate Sugarcoat into Python applications seamlessly with the easy to use Python SDK.

99% uptime

Confidence that services are up and available, all of the time.

Automated product feeds

Ensure products remain up to date from a single source of truth.

Scheduled product feeds

Process your third party product feeds on a configurable schedule defined by you.

Google drive integration

Leading integration with Google Drive provides the most flexible solution for product feed automation.


Wide selections of purpose-built templates provide stores with their own look and feel.

Self-serve hosting

All purpose-built templates are hosted and completely self-serve, allowing businesses to get online as fast as possible.

Website domains

Use a Sugarcoat supplied domain web address or use your own.

Content management

Easily manage content at any time without any technical knowledge.

Headless eCommerce

Sugarcoat product APIs allow the creation of rich user experiences and seamless integration into existing solutions.

Headless content

Sugarcoat content APIs allow the creation of rich user experiences and seamless integration into existing sites.

Built for performance

Built on the latest technology to deliver lightening quick content to aid conversion rates and SEO.

Always evolving

With the help of our customers, we are constantly innovating and enriching our offering.

Work with us to shape the future.

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Get in touch and let us show you how Sugarcoat can work for you.

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what they're saying

Open access to Sugarcoat's API means there's no brick-wall when it comes to creating bespoke functionality and you're able to extend sites further as and when needed - it's a total gamechanger.

Jonny Dentice Developer, Bloom Digital

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