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Create your own store front through Sugarcoat and get ready to showcase your business to the world.


Review and act upon the performance of your store with our powerful analytics and reporting capabilities.


Easily manage, communicate and report on your store customers in one place.


With flexible delivery configuration, you can always ensure the right delivery options are presented to your customers.


Online or offline, manage your store orders in one place with automated customer notifications and order status workflows.


Store-wide notifications for common actions and events ensuring you and your customers are always in the know.


The fastest way to get your store online, through our in-house Content Management System and templating solution.


With level 1 PCI compliance, safely and securely take payments from anywhere in the world in over 135 different currencies.


Easily maintain your stores products with an unparalleled amount of flexibility and control.

Product Feeds

Always ensure your products remain up to date with our industry leading automated Product Feeds solution or work with us to integrate your own feeds.

Product Inventory

Keep track of your products with automated notifications for when your stock is running low.

Sell Everywhere

Reaching a global audience through your ecommerce website or processing orders in-person through your physical store, we have the platform that allows you to sell everywhere.

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Simple and intuitive

For a solution with so much power, the Sugarcoat platform remains simple and intuitive to the every day user.

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Image: Simple and intuitive
Image: Simple and intuitive

Affordable, Forever

Our solutions will always remain affordable. With a performance based pricing model that only increases as your business increases, you can be sure that we are truly invested in your success.

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Driven by Data

Providing you with as much data as you can handle, we help you understand your customers behaviours and empower you to make data-driven decisions, all from one user-friendly dashboard.

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Image: Driven by Data
Image: Driven by Data

Behind the scenes

Cloud hosted

All services are hosted in the cloud, providing immediate access, from anywhere.

Simple access

Simple and intuitive platform fully accessible through an online platform.

Self serve

Completely self-serve to ensure decisions can be made when they need to be.

Zero maintenance

Regular automated updates and feature releases without any of the hard integration work.

Admin users

Unlimited admin users for granular management and access to stores and store data.

Customer notifications

Keep customers informed and up to date through built-in store notifications.

Flexible emails

Trigger customisable emails from a number of automated workflows, providing as much automation and flexibility as possible.

Store-wide discounts

Setup discounts at a store level, influencing flash sales and sale events.

Tax rates

Apply country specific tax rates to orders for complete compliance.

Customisable dashboards

Configure your dashboard to see the most important information at a glance.

Product reports

Gain a deeper insight into a stores products by finding out what sells, and what doesn't.

Order reports

Keep on top of top-level revenue with real-time order reports and financial health analysis.

Basket reports

Gain a deeper level of understanding of the customer through basket reports. Find out why customers abandon their baskets and perform actions on the back of them.

Customer reports

In-depth customer reports paint the true picture of a stores customer profile, allowing deeper insights into purchase activity and behaviours.

Export reports

Download filtered, reporting data for offline analysis.

Secure payments

All payments are handled over TLS, ensuring the highest level of security.

Compliant payments

All payments backed by a Level 1 PCI compliance, the highest level of compliance for payment handling.

Manual payment handling

Handle payments offline when a customer purchases from a physical store or over the phone.

135+ currencies

Handle payments in over 135 different currencies.

Daily automated payout

Receive automated payouts for all store generated revenue on a daily basis.

Automated returns

Automated return of funds when a customer returns an order.

Affiliate products

Manage affiliate products and referral links instead of or alongside a traditional catalogue.

Affiliate reports

Reporting on your referral performance along with user interactions.

Broken link checker

Be notified when any affiliate links start to misbehave, allowing easy identification and correction.

Automated online orders

Orders are automatically created as soon as a sale is made, enabling full eCommerce automation.

Offline order creation

Creation and management of offline orders, enabling the centralisation of business revenue for deeper insights.

Order PDF download

Easily export orders in PDF format for ease of use.

Export customers

Easily export customer information when required for offline use.

Export customers

Easily export products and all product information when required for offline use.

Order shipping slips

Easily print order shipping slips to ease of delivery.

Automated order status workflows

Automated email notifications from order journey status transitions.

Order notifications

Receive notifications as soon as an order is created and payment is received.

Flexible product management

Unlimited amount of flexibility for products through various levels of categorisation and organisation.

Manual product import

Manually upload and import products through offline managed product feeds.

Product discounts

Apply fixed, or percentage based discounts to products.

Product filtering

Give users the ability to dive deeper into products that matter to most to them through an unlimited amount of product attribute filters.

Product categories

Easily assign products to various categories, allowing for easy product organisation.

Product groups

Easily group related products together, allowing for enhanced product organisation.


Customers can maintain a list of their favourite products for ease of access and repeat purchases.


Recommended products allow similar products to be displayed to customers, incentivising additional purchases.


Custom tags on products allow for a maximum amount of control and flexibility.

Unlimited delivery options

Provide flexible delivery options to customers based on their location and basket.

Product specific delivery

Assign specific delivery options to specific products for additional control.

Asset hosting

Host product images, files and branding materials for use in store content.

Product inventory alerts

Automated notifications for when product inventory runs low, allowing you to act immediately.

Inventory reports

See your stock levels in realtime.

Flexible inventory threshold

Configurable inventory threshold so alerts are triggered at the right time.

Automated product feeds

Ensure products remain up to date from a single source of truth.

Scheduled product feeds

Process your third party product feeds on a configurable schedule defined by you.

Google drive integration

Leading integration with Google Drive provides the most flexible solution for product feed automation.

Shopping baskets

From basket conversion rates to basket abandonment, dive into deeper insights that show whats working and what isn't.

Abandoned baskets

Act on abandoned baskets, providing additional incentive to customers to complete the purchase.

Discount codes

Discount codes allow basket level discounts for a fixed, or percentage based discount.

Historical customer orders

View a customers order history all in one place.

CRM system

Manage and communicate with store customers all in one place with powerful CRM capabilities.

Customer login

Customers have their own accounts, allowing for direct score login and order management.

Billing and shipping addresses

View billing and shipping information for specific customers.

Terms and conditions

Ensure store compliance by having customers agree to terms and conditions on customer signup or order.

Basket delivery rules

Display relevant delivery options based on the value or weight of the basket.

Free delivery

Provide additional purchase incentive with free delivery rates based on configurable order values.


Wide selections of purpose-built templates provide stores with their own look and feel.

Self-serve hosting

All purpose-built templates are hosted and completely self-serve, allowing businesses to get online as fast as possible.

Website domains

Use a Sugarcoat supplied domain web address or use your own.

Content management

Easily manage content at any time without any technical knowledge.

Always evolving

With the help of our customers, we are constantly innovating and enriching our offering.

Work with us to shape the future.

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We wanted to create a simple, engaging and elegant online shopper experience, reflecting the amazing quality and heritage of our premium wines whilst offering useful, future-forward features - Sugarcoat was absolutely the best partner to help us do this. We couldn't be happier with the results."

Emma Campbell PR and Marketing Manager, Vintrigue Wines

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